What We Do, and How We Do It: CCA's Human Rights Policy Statement

Byline: From the CCA Ethics Office

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CCA’s Human Rights Policy Statement directly supports the company’s mission of advancing corrections through innovative results that benefit and protect all we serve.

“The principles in the statement inform our highest level decisions and serve as ground rules for our work each day,” said Scott Craddock, CCA Corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer. “Every one of us should be familiar with it.”

The statement’s first sentence sets a strong, clear first principle for all of us: "At CCA, we recognize the inherent dignity of the human person and the need to treat every individual with respect."

As Ethics and Compliance staff conduct training at every facility this year, talking about the Human Rights Policy Statement, they’ve found that the core ideas of respect and dignity are understood and expected by staff across facilities. Craddock observed, “We are truly impressed with how clearly and powerfully so many of our facility leaders and staff recognize the value of human dignity, and the importance — to themselves and to the people in our care — of upholding that by treating every person in our care respectfully, as a human being.”

Wide-reaching expectations for residents’ rights and treatment are set by the Human Rights Policy Statement. The first broad category is “Legal Rights,” including freedom of religion, access to counsel, and freedom from discrimination. Next is “Safety and Security” — it affirms clearly that “we endeavor to provide a high level of protection to those in our care. No person should ever be subjected to any cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment.” Residents’ health care, mental health care, visitation and outside contact, and rehabilitation and reentry services are also addressed.

The Human Rights Policy Statement is not only about inmates — it also speaks to what our employees should expect from one another and from CCA. It declares that we “endeavor to respect and promote diversity in our ranks,” and we “promote equal opportunity for our employees,” “work to prevent harassment,” and “recognize employee freedom of association.”

The Ethics and Compliance Office encourages you to take a fresh look at the Human Rights Policy Statement, as it can serve as a source of guidance and affirmation.

“The Human Rights Policy Statement is not just about what we do, but how we do it,” Craddock said. “Corrections and reentry work draws people who are values-driven and desire work of significance.The Human Rights Policy Statement confirms that CCA is a place where you can find that work, and can help guide us to meet the high standards we hold for ourselves and each other.”

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