My Work as a Chaplain: a 24-Hour Duty

Byline: By Edward Kavimba Lungu

News Category: Employee Insights

I have been a religious volunteer in prisons and jails in the United States since 1994 and have taught and preached the Word of God to inmates of all security classifications and backgrounds. Through my experiences, I discovered that the power of the gospel inspires inmates to change their lives for the better.

Chaplain Edward Kavimba Lungu

I have been a full-time chaplain at CCA Florence Correctional Center in Florence, Ariz. since March 2007. My colleague, Chaplain Christopher Aguirre, has a great deal of experience in correctional settings, and I've found that we work well together. We launched an initiative called Chaplain's Corner, through which we refer staff to local counseling resources and faith groups, and share uplifting messages on CCATV. We also make schedules for various religious services in the facility, visit staff in the hospital, and attend employees' funeral services. In addition, we held a volunteer appreciation banquet this year and hosted various religious feasts, including one for Ramadan.

I've been blessed to have the opportunity to perform baptisms and communions, and I've even taught theology to inmates. Outside the facility, I've taught Bible study, baptized a former CCA employee, officiated the wedding of a CCA employee and visited with people who volunteer at Florence. 

Working at CCA has been a blessing for me and my family; one which we hope to enjoy for years to come.

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