Influencing Others Through a Positive Attitude

Byline: By Damon Hininger

News Category: Employee Insights

President and CEO Damon Hininger with Krystal Mayes and Yolanda Dickerson from CCA Marion County Jail II. Pictured with Damon at CCA Marion County Jail II are Krystal Mayes, left, and Yolanda Dickerson.

One of the most important ways we can influence others is through our attitude. Attitude is reflected both by how we speak to people and by how we physically react to people. Whether we are saying it or showing it, we should be committed to a positive attitude, even (and possibly especially) when we think no one is looking. People will often remember anything else about you, and they will define you by it.

ARTICLE: Leadership and Commitment

Leading with a positive attitude will directly benefit you and your co-workers, because people tend to imitate the attitudes of their leaders. And remember that attitude is often about persepective. When you experience challenges, do you see the challenges as opportunities to improve your team or do you see them as permanent roadblocks?

Albert Einstein said, “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” When we focus on enhancing the strength of our attitude, we strengthen our character. I have found that the leaders who choose to strengthen their character are the leaders who are more likely to earn the respect of their team.

There have been, of course, times in my career when maintaining a positive attitude was extremely difficult. During times like those, I relied on advice I received from the many great leaders I have worked with at CCA. They taught me to concentrate on doing what was best for my fellow employees, even if it wasn’t always the easiest course of action. Always remember that getting to the finish line doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t finish with you.

To all of the CCA leaders out there — thank you for setting a positive example for your co-workers by doing your very best to maintain a positive attitude. It may not always seem like it, but I promise you that you are making a difference in your teammate’s lives — and your own.

Take care of one another,

Damon T. Hininger

CCA President and CEO

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