Announcing CCA's 2014 Courage Award and Distinguished Service Award Recipients

Message from CCA Chief Corrections Officer Harley Lappin

Subtitle: Message from CCA Chief Corrections Officer Harley Lappin

To the CCA Team,

There are so many courageous and distinguishing acts of service that are performed by CCA employees on any given day, either within our institutions or in our communities. I'm proud that CCA honors employees through our annual Courage Award and Distinguished Service Award.

This year, two of our co-workers are receiving the CCA Courage Award, and three employees are being recognized with the CCA Distinguished Service Award.

Courage Award

In our fifth year of honoring employees who perform extraordinary acts of bravery to protect others, sometimes risking their own lives, we congratulate the following Courage Awardees. They quickly intervened when inmate disturbances occurred at their facilities, ensuring the safety and security of those around them.

Ambrus Briggs, Senior Correctional Officer at North Fork Correctional Facility in Oklahoma

Ambrus Briggs

An inmate struck Briggs several times. Despite sustaining a physical injury, he quickly took action to restrain the individual and maintain order in the housing unit where the incident occurred.

John Nordlund, Jr., Maintenance Officer at South Central Correctional Center in Tennessee

John Nordlund

Nordlund placed himself in harm's way to stop an assault and prevent a potentially larger incident. He restrained the assailant, helped maintain order on the outdoor yard where the incident occurred, and volunteered to drive an injured officer in the CCA vehicle to a local medical treatment facility.

Distinguished Service Award

Tony Cartwright, Correctional Officer at Hardeman County Correctional Center in Tennessee

Tony Cartwright

The Alcorn County, Mississippi Sheriff's department asked Tony Cartwright to voluntarily assist them in tracking an individual who had escaped from their local custody. Cartwright and his bloodhound, Jake, helped return the individual to custody.

Jacqueline Chacon, Licensed Practical Nurse at Florence Correctional Center in Arizona

Jackie Chacon

Jackie Chacon, while on an airplane, helped protect the health of an individual in crisis. As a result of her selfless service, the airline presented Jackie with a letter of sincere gratitude for rendering aid during the unexpected emergency.

Jeffrey Louden, Correctional Officer at Central Arizona Detention Center in Arizona

Jeffrey Louden

Jeffrey Louden displayed bravery when he was serving as a recreation officer. During an inmate disturbance, Louden remained calm while responding immediately to quell the incident.

Please join me in congratulating our 2014 CCA Courage Award and CCA Distinguished Service Award recipients. When thinking about these professionals, I'm reminded of our CCA Way value of Duty, which focuses on our abilities to answer the call to serve with honor and dedication. Without a doubt, these honorees represent the highest level of Duty. I'm proud that they are members of the CCA family.

CCA Courage Award and Distinguished Service Award nominations are accepted year-round. For more information about submitting a nomination, please contact your warden or human resources manager.


Harley Lappin
CCA Executive Vice President and Chief Corrections Officer


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